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Election Day Coverage and Sample Ballots

Voters across the Ozarks, and around the state and nation head to the polls Tuesday in a midterm election that will decide the balance of power in Congress.

We’ll have live election coverage Tuesday night on 93-3 A-M 560 KWTO from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. with Don Louzader, Speakers Tim Jones and Elijah Haahr, Cass Bowen from the GOP watch party in Springfield, and news updates from Logan Weber and Brian Hauswirth from Zimmer News Network.

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In Missouri, Republican Attorney General Eric Schmitt is squaring off against Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine to represent the Show Me State in the United States Senate.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley joined Schmitt on a barnstorming election eve tour across the state Monday.

Missourians will also elect a State Auditor Tuesday as Republican State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick goes up against Democrat Alan Green.

We’ll be following several U-S Congressional races in Missouri, including Republican State Senator Eric Burlison’s bid to become the first Congressman in southwest Missouri’s 7th District since Billy Long took office in 2011.

Burlison is opposed by Democrat Kristen Radaker-Sheafer.

Former Kansas City television anchor Mark Alford is the Republican candidate on the ballot for the 4th Congressional District seat in Missouri. He’s opposed by Democrat Jack Truman.

We’ll also follow the 8th District Congressional race, as GOP incumbent Jason Smith tries to keep his seat. He’s being challenged by Democrat Randi McCallian.

We have two State Senate races being contested in the Ozarks.

Republican Lincoln Hough will try to retain his seat in District 30. Hough is running against Democrat Raymond Lampert.

In District 16, representing Wright and Laclede Counties, Republican Justin Brown, who has held the seat since 2019, is up against Democrat Bethany Mann.

There are a number of contested races for State Representative in Springfield and southwest Missouri:

District 132: Democrat incumbent Crystal Quade is running against Republican Stephanos Freeman.

District 133: Republican Melanie Stinnett is running against Democrat Amy Blansit for the seat currently held by soon to be State Senator-Elect Curtis Trent.

District 134: Republican incumbent Alex Riley is up against Democrat Samantha Deaton.

District 135: Democrat incumbent Betsy Fogle is running against Republican A.J. Exner

District 136: GOP incumbent Craig Fishel is squaring off against Democrat Stephanie Hein.

District 140: Republican Jamey Ray Gragg is taking on Democrat Amy Freeland. The seat has been vacant since Tricia Derges resigned in July.

District 128: Republican incumbent Mike Stephens is running against Democrat Rich Horton.

District 156: Republican incumbent Brian Seitz is challenged by Democrat Ginger Kissee Witty.

District 125: Republican Dane Diehl and Democrat Robert E. Smith are squaring off for the seat currently held by Jim Kalberloh.

District 127: Republican incumbent Ann Kelley is taking on Democrat Marvin Manring.

Greene County has a contested race. Republican incumbent Cheryl Dawson-Spaulding is being challenged by Democrat Melissa Miller for the office of Recorder of Deeds.

There is one contested race for presiding county commissioner as Incumbent Republican John Bartosh takes on Democrat Joshua Shackles in Jasper County.

Statewide Ballot Issues:

Constitutional Amendment #1: Asks the state to give lawmakers the power to override the current constitutional restrictions of state investments made by the State Treasurer. It also allows state investments in municipal securities.

Constitutional Amendment #3: Recreational Marijuana—Removes state prohibitions on purchasing, possessing, consuming, using, manufacturing and selling marijuana for personal use for adults over 21. Also allows people with certain non-violent offenses to petition for release from incarceration. Opponents say there is potential mischief buried deep in the 39 pages of the proposal.

Constitutional Amendment #4: The entire state of Missouri is deciding state funding for the Kansas City Police Department. If passed, K-C would be required to increase funding for its police department to 25% of its general revenue budget. It is at the required 20%. The KCPD is one of only a few in the country controlled by the state. It goes back to the 1800’s.

Constitutional Amendment #5: Missourians are deciding whether the Missouri National Guard should be its own department in the state. It currently is under the Missouri Department of Public Safety’s supervision.

Constitutional Convention Question: The vote on this question is more of a formality than anything. Every 20 years, the Missouri Secretary of State must ask if the state should call a Constitutional Convention.

Local Ballot Issues:

City of Springfield Question 1: (Galloway Village—only voters in city limits of SGF decide). After a four-year battle, voters are deciding the future of a proposed development in the Galloway Village area. A yes vote would allow the rezoning for the development to take place.

City of Nixa Question: Shall the city impose a city general sales tax of 1% to fund public safety and recreation? A yes vote would improve the police station and parks.

Use Taxes: Cities of Ozark, Monett and Stotts City have use tax issues on the ballot. This would impose a local use tax related to online purchases.

Laclede County Surtax Rate Reduction: Laclede County voters are deciding an issue that would reduce the commercial property surtax on all utility, industrial, commercial, railroad and other real property that is not residential or agricultural from 1.03 per $100 assessed valuation to .51 assessed valuation effective September 1, 2023.

City of Fair Play (Polk County) sales tax issue: Shall the city of Fair Play impose a city sales tax of ¼ of 1% for general revenue, including for public safety and law enforcement purposes?

City of Hermitage (Hickory County) has 2 questions on the ballot: One involves making the position of City Marshal an appointed position from an elected position starting in April, 2023. The other would convert the position of City Collector from an elected position to an appointed position, also effective April, 2023.

City of Diamond (Newton County) is seeking the public’s approval of a $4.5 million dollar revenue bond that would go to wastewater infrastructure improvements