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Election Night Primer: August 2 Primaries

With election night just a day away, the KWTO News Team is giving voters a rundown of local and state-wide races to know before heading to the polls.

Listen for live coverage of the results at 8:00 p.m. with Don Louzader and Speakers Tim Jones and Elijah Haahr on 93-3 A-M 560 KWTO.

Click here for Greene County sample ballots:

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U.S. Senate Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Patrick A. Lewis
  • Eric Schmitt
  • Billy Long
  • Eric Greitens
  • Bernie Mowinski
  • C.W. Gardner
  • Deshon Porter
  • Vicky Hartzler
  • Dave Sims
  • Mark McCloskey
  • Eric McElroy
  • Dennis Lee Chilton
  • Robert Allen
  • Dave Schatz
  • Hartford Tunnell
  • Kevin C. Schepers
  • Rickey Joiner
  • Robert Olson
  • Russel Pealer Breyfogle Jr.
  • Darrell Leon McClanahan III
  • Curtis D. Vaughn

Democrat Candidates:

  • Lewis Rolen
  • Gena Ross
  • Carla Coffee Wright
  • Josh Shipp
  • Spencer Toder
  • Lucas Kunce
  • Jewel Kelly
  • Clarence (Clay) Taylor
  • Pat Kelly
  • Trudy Busch Valentine
  • Ronald (Ron) William Harris

7th District Congressional Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Jay Wasson
  • Eric Burlison
  • Audrey Richards
  • Camille Lombardi-Olive
  • Dr. Sam Alexander
  • Reverand Alex Bryant
  • Colonel Paul Walker
  • Mike Moon

Democrat Candidates:

  • John Woodman
  • Kristen Radaker-Scheafer
  • Bryce F. Lockwood

4th District Congressional Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Mark Alford
  • Rick Bratton
  • Kalena Bruce
  • Taylor Burks
  • Jim Campbell
  • William Irwin
  • Kyle LaBrue

Democrat Candidate:

  • Jack Truman

Libertarian Party Candidate:

  • Randy Langkraehr

8th District Congressional Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Jason Smith
  • Jacob Turner

Democrat Candidate(s):

  • Randi McCallian

Thirdy-Party Candidate(s):

  • Jim Higgins

3rd District Congressional Race

Republican Candidates

  • Blaine Luetkemeyer
  • Dustin Hill
  • Richard Skwira Jr.
  • Brandon Wilkinson

Democrat Candidates

  • Andrew Daly
  • Dylan Durrwachter
  • Jon Karlen
  • Bethany Mann

State Auditor’s Race

Republican Candidates

  • Scott Fitzpatrick
  • David Gregory

Democrat Candidate(s):

  • Alan Green

Thirdy-Party Candidate(s):

  • John Hartwig

Missouri Senate District 20 Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Curtis Trent
  • Brian Gelner

Missouri Senate District 30 Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Lincoln Hough
  • Angela Romine

Democrat Candidate(s):

  • Raymond Lampert

Missouri Senate District 16 Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Justin Brown
  • Suzie Pollock

Democrat Candidate(s):

  • Tara Anura

Missouri Senate District 28 Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Bill Yarberry
  • Sandy Crawford
  • Janet Arnold

Missouri Senate District 32 Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Jill Carter
  • William (Bill) White

Missouri State Representative District 137 Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Thomas Barr
  • Darin Chappell

Missouri State Representative District 140 Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Jamie Ray Gragg
  • Danny Garrison

Democrat Candidate(s):

  • Amy Freeland

Missouri State Representative District 142 Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Jeff Knight
  • Royce Tuck

Missouri State Representative District 157 Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Mitch Boggs
  • Wally Long

Missouri State Representative District 161 Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Lane Roberts
  • Thomas Ross

Barry County Presiding Commissioner Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Chad Johnson
  • Steve Blankenship
  • Andrew Henbest

Christian County Presiding Commissioner Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Ralph Phillips
  • Lynn Morris
  • Timothy Peak

Dade County Presiding Commissioner Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Kim Kinder
  • Wayne West

Douglas County Presiding Commissioner Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Steve Moody
  • C.J. Timpe
  • Rodney Clouse

Jasper County Presiding Commissioner Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Mikey Robertson
  • John Bartosh

Stone County Presiding Commissioner Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Mark Maples
  • Mike Cooper

Taney County Presiding Commissioner Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Nick Plummer
  • Ken Roten
  • W. Alex McAuley
  • Noah Prahlow

Webster County Presiding Commissioner Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Paul Ipock
  • Rob Blumer

Wright County Presiding Commissioner Race

Republican Candidates:

  • Zach Williams
  • Hunter Fenstermacher

Ballot Issues

$1.65 million bond issue to build a new fire station in Ash Grove

Renewal of two 1/4 cent taxes added to the city’s current sales tax. One would pay for the park’s current operations and maintenance and the other pays for new projects, such as building a regional sports complex and expanding the aquatic center.

Retainment of Washburn Special Road District Levy

$3.5 million bond issue in the city of Clever to extend and improve the city’s combined waterworks and sewer system.

$18 million bond issue for Carthage School District for constructing and improving school facilities and adding a performing arts center.

3/4 cent 911 sales tax for Hickory County central dispatching of fire protection, emergency ambulance service, including emergency telephone services.

City of Joplin Public Safety Tax. A proposed property and personal property tax increase in the amount of $1 per $100 assessed valuation. Money would provide increased pay for police officers and firefighters, hire additional public safety workers, and build an eighth fire station.

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