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Governor Mike Parson Signs Two Bills Regarding Sports, Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Children

Bills prohibiting participating in sports and gender affirming care for transgender youth are now law.

Governor Mike Parson signed two bills Wednesday, named SB 39 and SB 49.

SB 39, or State Bill 39, prohibits biological males from participating in girls or women’s sports in the state of Missouri. The law applies to all levels of athletics, from elementary school through college for both public and private institutions.

The second bill, SB 49, establishes the SAFE Act, or Save Adolescents from Experimentation. The law prevents healthcare providers from providing gender-affirming care to minors.

That includes prescribing hormones, hormone blockers or any drug for gender transition purposes if the patient is under 18.

It also makes gender transition surgeries for children illegal.

In comments made after the signing of both bills, Parson applauded State Senator Holly Rehder and Springfield-area Senator Mike Moon for their efforts in getting the bills passed.