Photo Courtesy: City of Willard

Hand Recount of Willard Mayor’s Race Ends in a Tie, Candidates to Decide Between Runoff.. or Coin Flip

A runoff, or a very entertaining coinflip, will decide who the next Mayor of Willard will be soon.

During last week’s election on April 2, former Alderman Troy Smith and former Mayor Samuel Snider tied with 349 votes a piece. A hand recount was conducted last Friday, which confirmed those numbers.

Now, the two candidates must decide whether to enter into a runoff, where voters will cast ballots again to decide who the next mayor will be. They can also choose to decide the winner by the flip of a coin.

It has happened in the past. In November of 2023, Robert Burns defeated Bob Yanacsek by a coinflip.

According to reports, the discussion’s are still being had, but it appears that things are trending towards a runoff, rather than letting the “fate of the coin” decide who will lead the city for the near future.

Smith has said he prefers the coin flip, while Snider is campaigning for the runoff.