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Hiland Dairy Settles $140,000 Discrimination Suit

Hiland Dairy, the Springfield based food and drink company, will pay out $140,000 to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit.

According to a release from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the lawsuit was filed in 2021 after the company’s Norman, Oklahoma location refused to hire an individual because he was visually impaired.

The EEOC alleged that Hiland Dairy withdrew its offer following a medical screening in which the doctor claimed the man was legally blind.

Investigators say the doctor never personally examined the man’s vision during the screening.

Hiland Dairy has disputed the EEOC’s allegations and denies any wrongdoing or violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Hiland Dairy President Gary Aggus provided the following statement to the Springfield Business Journal:

“Accordingly, we have resolved the disputed claims and are not admitting any wrongdoing or violations of the law; we agree to the settlement of disputed claims. Hiland Dairy is pleased to end the nearly six-year-long proceedings and get back to what we do best, providing high-quality dairy products that our customers desire at a competitive price and setting high performance and quality control standards. We treat our greatest asset, our people, with dignity and respect.”

Along with the $140,000 payment, Hiland Dairy will also be subject to creating policies that align with ADA and periodic check-in’s with EEOC.