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Man from Galena Facing Nearly 30 Charges of Animal Abuse

A man from Galena is in custody facing charges of animal abuse after almost 30 dogs were found dead on his property.

34-year-old John Griffiths was arrested earlier this year by Stone County Sheriffs deputies after several reports of neglected animals were called in.

When authorities arrived, they found the remains of 29 dead dogs and other animals on the property fighting over the bodies.

Deputies also discovered numerous dogs restrained without access to food and water, and inadequate shelter to combat the recent frigid temperatures.

The Stone County Sheriff’s Office contacted the Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Cruelty Task Force to rescue another 55 dogs that were found malnourished on the property.

There were also other dead animals found at Griffiths’ residence, deputies say, including goats, a cat, and several birds.

He is charged with 29 counts of animal abuse at this time.