Closeup of arrested hands with handcuffs
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Man from Springfield Accused of Running “Chop-Shop” Out of His House

A man from Springfield is facing over a half-dozen charges for allegedly running a chop-shop in his home.

Springfield Police say James Cooley was under surveillance at the home for several months as they suspected he was running the illegal business.

Officers reportedly saw several stolen vehicles arrive at the home and leave with altered VIN numbers and painted different colors.

Investigators later found some of the vehicles at scrap yard’s in the area, with Cooley on file accepting the money for the scrap metal.

Three separate search warrants were executed in the case, with over 20 vehicles being seized by authorities between February and September of this year.

Cooley is charged with five counts of tampering with a motor vehicle and three counts of altering or removing an item number to deprive the lawful owner.

All eight charges are felony counts. He is currently being held in the Greene County Jail on a $25,000 bond.