Logo courtesy of Missouri State Highway Patrol

Missouri Highway Patrol Issues Warning about Impaired Drivers this Weekend

The Highway Patrol is urging you to be aware of other drivers if out and about during the New Year’s weekend.

Reports say during the last New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day period, there were 331 injuries and one death that occurred in over 1,000 traffic crashes statewide.

Sgt. Mike McClure with the Highway Patrol says there were 15 people charged with DWI in that same period.

He urges all drivers to use defensive driving techniques, including obeying traffic laws, making sure all people in the vehicle are wearing seat belts, and obeying the speed limit.

McClure says at the end of the day, be a “defensive driver”.

If you or someone you know thinks someone may be driving impaired, dial *55 (star 55) that will direct you to the nearest Highway Patrol’s non-emergency line.