Photo Courtesy: City of Springfield

National and Sunshine Development Halted as Developer Withdraws from Project

After months of controversy, a developer in Springfield is withdrawing their zoning request for a project at the corner of National and Sunshine.

City officials say BK&M withdrew the rezoning earlier this week. Specific reasons have not been released.

Spokespeople for the company do say, however, they plan on filing a Planned Development in the future.

A statement from the City of Springfield describing the difference between rezoning and Planned Development reads as such:

“A planned development differs from rezoning to a conventional zoning district because a site plan, and accompanying set of development standards, are used to direct development of the property. During the weeks following application deadline, City staff does an in-depth evaluation of the request, evaluating the request based on the impact on the community as a whole, and not on the special interests of the property owner, and how well the application addresses policies from the comprehensive plan and/or City ordinances. Based upon this evaluation, staff prepares a report and recommendation to the Planning and Zoning Commission.”

A timetable for when the application for the new request will be filed has not been released.