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Nixa School District Fires Teacher Amid Allegations of Sexual Relationship with a Student

The Nixa School District is taking the next steps by firing a teacher at the school who is accused of inappropriate conduct.

Allegations against 34-year-old Chelsea Harper say she participated in a sexual relationship with a student under the age of 17 from March to August of 2022.

She was placed on administrative leave earlier this year, and was fired by the Nixa School Board during the May 6 meeting following an investigation that found “sufficient facts” of the relationship.

Both the student and Harper admitted to sexual acts, as well as exchanged nude photographs via Snapchat.

The now-former teacher, who was anticipating a move to the Willard School District, has now been criminally charged in the case.

Harper is facing four counts of second-degree statutory rape, three counts of sexual contact with a student, and two counts of second-degree statutory sodomy.

School leaders at Nixa were made aware of the allegations in April, and promptly placed her on administrative leave and began an investigation.

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