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Recreational Marijuana, Two Other Constitutional Amendments Pass in Missouri

After a long night of back and forth results, Missouri Constitutional Amendment 3, as well as two other propositions, have been voted yes by residents.

Amendment 3 will legalize recreational marijuana in the state of Missouri, and will expunge arrest and drug convictions for non-violent marijuana-related offenses.

The measure passed with nearly 54 percent of the vote.

Amendment 4 will now require the Kansas City area to increase funding for its police department from 20 to 25 percent, as the Kansas City Police Department is controlled by the state of Missouri.

The measure passed with over 63 percent of the total vote.

Constitutional Amendment 5 was approved with over 60 percent of the vote, and will allow the Missouri National Guard to form its own department, under the supervision of Governor Mike Parson.

The National Guard was previously a part of the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

Constitutional Amendment 1 failed, with over 54 percent of Missouri residents voting against the measure. It would have given state lawmakers the power to override the current constitutional restrictions of state investments made by the State Treasurer. It would have also allowed state investments in municipal securities.

A Constitutional Convention measure failed as well, with nearly 68 percent of voters voting against.

The measure will not appear on the ballot for another 20 years.