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Second of 3 Charged in 2018 Triple-Homicide in Springfield Sentenced

The second of three suspects accused in a triple-homicide that occurred in Springfield has now been sentenced.

Prosecutors say Aaron Anderson was sentenced to four life sentences for the 2018 deaths of Josh Hampton, Sabrina Starr and Steven Marler.

He pleaded guilty in January to two counts of accessory to first-degree murder, and two counts of accessory to first-degree assault.

Investigators say the man who pulled the trigger, Luis Perez, was roommates with Hampton and Marler, and killed them after he was kicked out.

Starr allegedly provided him with the gun used in the shootings, and she was found dead days after the initial murders.

Perez was sentenced in January to five-consecutive life sentences.

The third suspect, Dalia Garcia, will appear in count for a tampering charge in March of this year.