Photo Courtesy of the Department of Justice

Six Southwest Missouri Residents Plead Guilty in Catalytic Converter Theft Ring

In a statement from the Department of Justice, six people from Springfield and Rogersville have plead guilty for their roles in a conspiracy to transport catalytic converters.

24-year-old Evan Marshall of Rogersville is the most recent defendant to plead guilty, as today he accepted responsibility on one count of transporting stolen property across state lines.

Marshall’s guilty plea was an admittance to transporting over $1 million worth of stolen catalytic converters across state lines during a period stretching from December of 2019 through October 2021.

He told investigators he had bought catalytic converters from some of the other defendants in the case, and was transporting and selling them to a business in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Marshall sentencing has been scheduled for a later date. He faces up to 10 years in federal prison.