Photo Courtesy: Springfield Public Schools

Springfield Public Schools Board Votes to Remove Vice President Following Controversial Remarks

The board for Springfield Public Schools has appointed a new vice president after the previous VP was voted out.

Board members voted 4-3 Tuesday to remove Maryam Mohammadkhani from her position as vice president after backlash from remarks she made last week.

The remarks were made during a Youth Empowerment Summit at Missouri State University February 23, where SPS students are empowered to pursue higher education.

Attendees at the meeting say during a portion of the conference, students were asked to close their eyes and raise their hands if they had experienced racial trauma. Several students raised their hands.

Following the exercise, Mohammadkahni reportedly commented on how it was only a portion of the room, seemingly downplaying the feelings of those who had acknowledged their trauma.

Several students at the meeting, as well as staff and other spectators at the event, became upset by her comments.

Scott Crise was appointed to fill Mohammadkhani’s position as vice president, but board members say a new VP will be elected following the April 4 election.