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Willard Mayor Censured by Board of Alderman

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The Willard Board of Alderman held a special meeting tonight to discuss the hiring and firing of interim city administrator Donna Stewart. 

 The present aldermen voted unanimously to reinstate Stewart as the interim city administrator. In a separate vote, the board also voted unanimously to censure Mayor Samuel Snider. 

Tensions were high as the board of alderman discussed the hiring and firing of interim city administrator Donna Stewart.   

City Attorney Ken Reynolds said in his legal opinion the mayor pro-tem acts on behalf of the mayor in his absence.   

“He [the mayor] has a right to fire her,” said Reynolds. “But it’s subject to your [The Board of Alderman] approval.” 

The mayor said the hiring of Donna Stewart was *illegal because The Boar of Alderman appointed Stewart for hire, but the mayor pro-tem approved the hire. Mayor Snider fired Stewart when he returned from a city business trip. 

Thursday night a vote overturned that firing and reinstated Stewart as interim city administrator. 

“I think it’s the aldermen are against the mayor right now,” said Dwight Dodson a citizen of Willard. “And I don’t think there are too many citizens that are for the mayor too, so we’ll see where it goes from here.” 

The board also voted to censure Mayor Snider, which has no legal ramifications but officially brings his actions to public attention.  

Both the Willard Board of Aldermen and the Mayor were not available for comment.