Siren light on roof of police car
Photo Courtesy: Envato Elements

Aurora-Marionville Police Warn Parents May be Supplying Alcohol/Drugs to Underage People

Days after a group of people, including teenager(s), were arrested for a large fight at a bowling alley in Aurora, local police are warning of the legal consequences of providing substances to those who are underage.

Spokespeople for the Aurora and Marionville Police Department say multiple people were arrested at the bowling alley after the brawl, and investigators believe they were already drunk when they arrived.

There has also been an increase in calls about high school parties involving alcohol, and potentially drugs as well.

AMPD is warning parents and other adults that they could face criminal charges for hosting parties or supplying alcohol to underage people.

That includes charges of endangering the welfare of a child, which is a felony that can range from a Class D to a Class A.