Photo courtesy of Eric Burlison

Congressman Eric Burlison Applauds Supreme Court in Student Loan Decision

Missouri Congressman Eric Burlison is praising the U.S. Supreme Court following its decision to strike down President Joe Biden’s plan for student loan forgiveness.

On Friday, a majority of the 9 person court ruled against the president and his plan to eliminate some $400 billion in student loan debt.

Biden called the decision “wrong” and says the “fight is not over”.

Following the decision, Burlison released a statement commending the justices for their ruling.

The full statement from Congressman Burlison can be read below:

“The President must execute laws passed by Congress, not rewrite them to fulfill campaign promises. Even Nancy Pelosi admitted President Biden did not have the authority to unilaterally forgive student loans. The Supreme Court’s decision is a victory for the millions of Americans who never stepped foot on a college campus, paid off their loans responsibly, or did not want their money funding this radical policy in the first place.”