Congresswoman Hartzler and Congressman Long Release Statements on Newest Allegations Against Greitens

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler and Congressman Billy Long have released statements regarding new physical abuse altercations against Eric Greitens.

Greitens was the Governor of the state of Missouri from 2017-2018. He resigned from the office after he was charged with felony tampering and campaign-related offenses stemming from an affair.

Hartzler’s video statement and Long’s written statement come after Greitens ex-wife, Sheena Greitens, accused him of emotionally and physically abusing her and their children, including their then 3-year-old son.

A written transcript of Congresswoman Hartzler’s and Long’s statements are attached below.

TRANSCRIPT:  Hi, Vicky Hartzler here — I just wanted to comment on the news today that Eric Greitens ex-wife Sheena, revealed that when they were married, he physically abused her and their children, and he used the power of the governors office to silence and intimidate her. Well I have one thing that I want to say – real men never abuse women and children. Period. End of story. It’s time for Eric get out of the Senate race, and get professional help.

LONG- “Like most of America I’m shocked and appalled by what was in Sheena Greitens’ sworn affidavit about Eric Greitens,” Congressman Long said. “He is clearly unfit to represent the state of Missouri in the United States Senate. There’s no way he can stay in this race.”