Photo Courtesy of the Webster County Jail

Man Sentenced in Murder of Wife, Mother-in-Law

A Taney County judge handed down a 150 year prison sentence for a Marshfield man convicted of murdering his wife and mother-in-law.

34-year-old Kenneth Livingston was convicted of killing his wife, Lindsey Livingston, and his mother-in-law, Kristee Bedgood at her parents home.

According to reports, Kenneth and Lindsey began arguing about the divorced couples children when Lindsey’s father, Scott Bedgood, heard her shout “he’s got a gun.”

Bedgood ran to he and his wife’s bedroom to get a gun, but found his wife and daughter dead when he arrived at the scene of the argument.

Bedgood and Livingston briefly exchanged fire before Bedgood himself was shot. He survived his injuries.

Livingston was found guilty by a jury in the case.