CU; Sewer Rates Increase in July

From a news release:


Customers on City sewer service will see a planned 3% rate increase beginning July 1 – an increase that adds up to an additional $1.18 per month for the average user. The increase in rates will facilitate the continued improvement of the City’s aging sewer system and allow the community to remain in compliance with federal Clean Water Act regulations. The City of Springfield contracts with City Utilities for sanitary sewer services billing, so customers will notice this change on their August CU bills. 

Sewer rates are based on water consumption calculated by averaging water usage for January, February and March, to avoid summer irrigation, car washing, filling up pools, etc. This is because the majority of residents’ water goes down drains and toilets and ends up in the wastewater system. Springfield Environmental Services charges a base customer charge and an additional charge for each 100 cubic feet (CCF) of water used. One CCF equals 748 gallons. 

An average residential customer uses 6 CCF and currently receives a bill for $39.60 per month. Following the July 1, 2023 effective date, a residential user with 6 CCF use will receive a bill for $40.78. 

In 2021, Springfield modified their consent decree that includes a $300 million, 15-year plan for renewal of its collection system and treatment facilities. This investment program is expected to be completed with future rate adjustments remaining aligned with inflation as experienced by the general economy. Thus, for the foreseeable future, Springfield’s sewer rates are expected to remain low compared with other cities. 

The 2023 rate increase is the first in a series of increases approved by City Council in February 2023. This rate structure will last through 2025 and is consistent with the recommendations of a community stakeholder group appointed to consider changes to Springfield’s wastewater system, including rates. 

For more information about City Wastewater improvements, visit or call Sewer Revenue Technician Kristy Haynes at 417-864-1924.