Police car on the street
Photo Courtesy: Envato Elements

Fatal Officer Involved Shooting in Illegal Homeless Encampment

One man is dead after Greene County Sheriff’s deputies shot him while arresting a woman between 8 and 9 am Wednesday morning, April 7th.

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott says that deputies responded to a “check person” call at a convenience store on West Sunshine Street just after 8 am in regards to a woman who reportedly frequently steals from the establishment. Deputies tracked the woman to a nearby illegal transient encampment, where they arrested her.

While arresting the woman, a man who had been hidden in the encampment revealed that he was holding a gun, and held it to his head saying “just shoot me.” The man then lunged at the deputies, and was shot.

An investigation into the incident is being conducted, and the two involved deputies were put on leave.