Vintage AM/FM car radio dial
Photo courtesy of Envato Elements. Vintage AM/FM car radio dial

Ford Decides to Include AM Radio in all 2024 Model Vehicles

Ford Motor Company is reversing a decision to scrap AM radio stations from its new line of 2024 vehicles.

The Associated Press reports CEO Jim Farley, who posted the decision on social media Tuesday, says the company has decided to include AM radio on all 2024 Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

Farley also promised to offer a software update for owners of Ford’s EV’s without AM broadcast capability.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers last week introduced a bill in Congress, the
“AM for Every Vehicle Act,” calling on the National Transportation Safety Board to require AM in new vehicles, with no additional cost to the consumer.

Massachusetts Democratic Senator Edward Markey, who was a sponsor of the legislation, says eight of 20 major automobile makers, including Ford, Tesla, and BMW had pulled AM radio from new vehicles.

Western Missouri Republican Congressman Mark Alford spoke about the importance of AM radio stations and their role in informing the public during emergencies, especially in rural areas, on the floor of the U.S. House last week.

Alford named KWTO as an example in his speech.