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Glendale Teacher/Coach Resigns After Using Racial Slur; Student Suspended

A teacher at Glendale has resigned after being caught on video using a racial slur during class last week.

SPS officials say the teacher, who is also the school’s cross country coach, used the derogatory term while teaching a math class last week.

He was placed on administrative leave after the video surfaced, and subsequently resigned on Monday.

The teacher’s use of the word was caught on video by a student in the class, Mary Walton, who was subsequently suspended by the district for violating the policy on use of electronic devices.

Walton says the coach used the racial slur six times, and only caught two of them on video.

An attorney from Missouri, Natalie Hull, was made aware of the students suspension and plans to issue a letter demanding her suspension be lifted.

The teacher/coach’s identity has yet to be released.

A full statement from Stephen Hall, the CCO for Springfield Public Schools, issued this statement to KOLR-10:

“The teacher who was initially placed on administrative leave following the situation at Glendale High School is no longer employed by Springfield Public Schools. Furthermore, much speculation has occurred regarding student discipline related to a video recording of the unacceptable classroom incident. Student discipline is confidential, per federal law, and Springfield Public Schools cannot disclose specifics related to actions taken. The student handbook is clear, however, on consequences for inappropriate use of electronic devices. Any consequences applied per the scope and sequence would also consider if minors are identifiable in the recording and what, if any, hardships are endured by other students due to a violation of privacy with the dissemination of the video in question. SPS is confident that the district appropriately and promptly handled all matters related to what occurred at Glendale. We want our schools to be safe and welcoming learning environments. When students have concerns, they should follow the appropriate steps for reporting.”