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Governor Mike Parson Ends COVID-19 Crisis in Missouri

In a press conference Wednesday, Governor Mike Parson announced that he is ending the COVID-19 crisis within the state, and lowering the disease from a pandemic to an endemic.

An endemic categorizes the disease as commonplace, like the flu.

The end of the crisis now allows state and local health officials to dictate practices for combating COVID-19 attack plans for individual jurisdictions.

The state’s shift to the endemic phase will begin on Friday, April 1.

A statement from Governor Parson can be read below:

“Over the past two years, we have learned a lot that will help us respond to future outbreaks and challenges that may come our way,” Governor Parson said. “We don’t know if this virus will ever completely go away, but we do know that there is no longer a need to live in crisis mode and that we can shift our response to meet the current needs of Missourians. The COVID-19 crisis is over in the state of Missouri, and we are moving on.”