KWTO Presents Live Town Hall Meeting on Homelessness Wednesday Evening at 6

KWTO will air a live Town Hall panel discussion “The Vicious Cycle of Homelessness in Springfield and Greene County” Wednesday night from 6-7 p.m.

The program will originate from the KWTO studios on east Chestnut Expressway in Springfield.

A variety of agencies who assist or interact with the homeless in our community on a daily basis will be represented by the following panelists:

Casey Merrick—Director of Men’s Discipleship—Freeway Ministries

Jason Hynson—Executive Director—Springfield Victory Mission

Chris Brumett—Director of Social Services—The Salvation Army

Jim Arnott—Greene County Sheriff

Our panelists will address various aspects of the homeless crisis, such as what’s being done to help the unsheltered in our community? Are we doing enough? And how does our community suffer when desperation sets in?

KWTO News Director Don Louzader will moderate the panel discussion.

One comment

  1. Why when we have shelters are we encouraging homelessness by providing things like the showers and allowing people to camp and sleep outside. We should force them to go to shelters and sign up for benefits. We should not be providing additional resources for people to remain homeless and end up like Portland. Why does our city have surveys and meetings about what to do with resources and the direction the city should go but don’t email these things or mail them to everyone. Only Facebook pages for the city and special interest groups get copies. Rigged.