Homeless woman
Photo courtesy of Envato Elements

KWTO To Air Live Town Hall Panel Discussion on Homelessness Tuesday Evening

Tuesday evening from 6-7pm, KWTO will air a live town hall panel discussion “The Vicious Cycle of Homelessness in Springfield and Greene County, Part 2.”

We’ve invited panelists representing a variety of agencies who assist or interact with the homeless in our community on a daily basis, including:

  • Nate Schlueter—Chief Visionary Officer—Eden Village
  • Meleah Spencer—Chief Executive Officer—The Kitchen, Inc.
  • Michelle Garand—VP of Affordable Housing and Homeless Prevention—Community Partnership of the Ozarks
  • Cindy VanBuskirk—Program Manager for Housing and Veterans Services—Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri

Our previous panel in July, 2023 addressed the impact of homelessness in the Springfield-Greene County area, including homeless camps and the criminal element associated with them.

This panel will focus on agencies who help our homeless long-term, working with men, women and children to help them become self-sufficient and escape the vicious cycle.

How are their efforts going? What challenges are making their jobs difficult? And what effect does their work have in keeping our community safer?