Photo Courtesy of Howell County Sheriff's Office

Man from Howell County Accused of Murdering His Father

A man from Howell County is in custody, accused of killing his father in West Plains.

Deputies say 34-year-old Christopher Greenough called dispatchers to report that a man had a nosebleed.

Dispatchers reported the man sounded drunk and agitated during the call.

Investigators say when first responders and deputies arrived, Greenough was difficult and at times combative. They also reported that he was covered in blood.

Deputies say they had to force their way into the home. Once inside, the discovered David Greenough covered in blood and a large pool of blood on the floor next to him.

The father was rushed to a local hospital, where he later died of his injuries.

Deputies arrested Christopher at the scene. Prosecutors later charged him with second-degree murder.