Highway Police Patrol Cruiser on Side of a Road
Photo Courtesy of Envato Elements

Woman from Wright County Arrested After Crashing into Horse-Drawn Carriage

Two people are injured, and one is facing charges are a crash involving a horse-drawn buggy in Wright County.

Investigators say 43-year-old Grovespring native Chasity Brooke rear-ended the carriage on Highway 5 south of Grovespring Sunday afternoon.

Troopers with the Highway Patrol were called to the scene, where Brooke and a passenger in the buggy, Sylvia Fisher, had suffered significant injuries.

Both were taken to an area hospital. The other three passengers in the buggy, and the horse, were uninjured.

Investigators say while collecting evidence, they discovered a controlled substance in Brooke’s vehicle, and that she was driving with a suspended license.

She has not been formally charged by prosecutors.