Photo Courtesy: Laclede County Sheriff's Office

Man from Lebanon Sentenced for Rape Charge

Prosecutors in Laclede County say a man from Lebanon is facing decades in prison for charges of rape.

52-year-old Jerry Warnock pleaded guilty to first-degree rape and armed criminal action after allegedly kidnapping and raping a cab driver in July of 2022.

Following his guilty plea, he was sentenced to 20 years for the rape charge and 10 years for armed criminal action to be served consecutively, making Warnock’s total sentence 30 years.

Investigators say a 911 call came in on July 3 of last year in which the cab driver was heard pleading with Warnock to not hurt her.

She told police he subdued her by wrapping a seatbelt around her neck and used zipties to restrain her before threatening her with a knife prior to the rape.

Officers say Warnock had two separate outstanding warrants prior to his arrest for the assault.