Photo Courtesy: Aurora-Marionville Police Department

Man from Marionville Charged with Child Abuse, Rape

A man from Marionville is in custody, accused of abusing a less than one-year-old baby and having sex with a minor.

Investigators say 23-year-old Zachary Bridwell was arrested on January 4 after a call was made by the Missouri Department of Social Services.

DSS called Aurora-Marionville PD after a six-month-old infant was admitted to the hospital with serious injuries, including bruising on her neck, head, jaw, legs, and ribs.

She had also suffered a stroke from a blood clot that was caused, allegedly, from Shaken Baby Syndrome. That blood clot was removed during emergency surgery after the infant was admitted.

Officers interviewed Bridwell, as well as the child’s mother, who they discovered was underage.

Bridwell admitted to having a sexual relationship with the minor, and also confessed to hurting the child.

He claimed to be possessed by “a spurt of blood rage” and that he only meant to hurt the baby, not kill her.

Bridwell is facing charges of first-degree assault, sexual exploitation of a minor, abuse of neglect of a child, and second-degree statutory rape.