Photo Courtesy: Greene County Jail

Man from Springfield Accused of Car Theft, Owner also in Custody

A man from Springfield is in custody after he allegedly stole a car and caused a car chase that included shots being fired.

Investigators say 47-year-old Nicholas Mackiewizc stole a 2000 Mustang earlier this week.

The owner of the stolen vehicle was able to track it using his cell phone’s GPS, which was inside the car.

Authorities have said that the owner was able to locate the car along South Glenstone and began following it.

At one point, the owner of the car opened fire and tried shooting out the tires in an attempt to stop Mackiewizc.

The chase finally ended near Mercy Hospital, when he crashed the car into another vehicle. The owner was able to pull Mackiewizc from the vehicle just before officers arrived.

Mackiewizc has been charged with tampering with a motor vehicle. The owner of the car was taken into custody on suspicion of unlawful use of a weapon, but no charges have been filed.