Photo Courtesy: Greene County Jail

Man from Springfield Accused of Domestic Assault Receives Probation

A man from Springfield who allegedly attacked a woman and shot another man will spend several years on probation.

Investigators say in July of 2021 Elija Ballard got into an argument with a woman, which then escalated into him choking her.

She was able to get away for a moment, but Ballard later grabbed her, threw her against a nearby wall, then a dresser, and finally onto the floor.

Authorities said her injuries were consistent with her statement.

He then fled the home and was confronted by a relative of the female victim.

That’s when officers say Ballard fired a shot that grazed the side of the man’s head.

The man was transported to an area hospital for treatment and recovery. He survived the incident.

A judge gave Ballard a five-year suspended prison sentence, and will spend five years on probation after pleading guilty to second-degree assault via an Alford Plea.