Photo Courtesy of Greene County Jail

Man from Springfield Arrested, Allegedly Pointed Gun at Woman and Her Children

A man from Springfield has been charged with three separate felonies after investigators say he beat a woman and then pointed a gun at her and two children.

48-year-old Jaime Omar Vasquez was arrested on Saturday, and prosecutors charged with first-degree domestic assault, third-degree domestic assault and unlawful use of a weapon.

Investigators say he broke into the home via a window and hit the woman in the face repeatedly with his fists and a flashlight, causing severe bruising and a possible dislocated jaw.

The victim later told police after the assault, he grabbed a .357 magnum and held it to her head, and the heads of her two children and threatened to kill them repeatedly.

Days after the assault, the victim contacted a neighbor who helped her and her children escape the area. The neighbor then called police, who were able to apprehend Vasquez.

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