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19 People With Minor Injuries In Crash Involving Bolivar School Bus

There are injuries involving both students and staff following a crash involving a Bolivar School District bus on Highway 13 Thursday afternoon. Thankfully, all the injuries are described as “minor.”

The crash happened around 2:00 p.m. on Highway 13 near 490th Road.

School leaders say 35 people were on board the bus, which was returning from a third grade field trip, when a hay bale fell off a trailer being pulled by a truck and landed in the middle of the highway. The bus tried to avoid the hay bale, and the driver lost control of the vehicle, which went through the median, across the southbound lanes of 13 and landed in a ditch.

The latest information from the Bolivar School District is below, via the district’s Facebook page.

UPDATE AT 3:40 PM: Information from police: 35 people were on the bus. 19 people were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. Our bus was driving northbound on Highway 13 following a truck pulling a trailer with hay bales on it. A hay bale fell off the trailer, and it landed in the middle of the highway. The bus tried avoiding the hay bale but hit it and lost control and drove through the median, across the southbound lanes, and landed in the west ditch of Highway 13. The bus had significant damage. Please pray for a quick recovery for our students and staff who were on the bus.

UPDATE AT 2:55 PM: We are working on transporting non-injured students to Bolivar Schools Central Office for reunification with their parents. We have notified the parents of the students who have been transported to the hospital. Please work with us as we navigate this situation and get students reunified with their families.

UPDATE AT 2:30 PM: The two third-grade classes on board were Gibson and Kropf and staff members. Some students and staff are being transported to the hospital for care. We are working on notifying the families of the injured students. Re-unification with non-injured students will be at our Central Office at 524 W Madison Street.

This afternoon, one of our buses was involved in an accident on Highway 13 on the way home from a third-grade field trip. There are reported injuries to some students and staff. First responders are on the scene and attending to the situation. They are in control of the scene and helping direct next steps. We will provide more updates as we get more information.