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Southwest Missouri Lawmaker Withdraws Bill Proposing “Abortion Homicide”

Republican State Representative Bob Titus is withdrawing his sponsored “abortion homicide” bill after receiving nationwide backlash.

Officials say the bill would leave women who receive abortions open to murder charges.

The criticism of the bill came from both sides, pro-abortion and anti-abortion groups, as well as high-ranking officials such as Governor Mike Parson.

In a statement from Titus Tuesday night he said, “I am withdrawing the bill. The media has mischaracterized my interest as hostile toward women. Nothing could be further from the truth. My heart breaks for the killing of children.”

Titus is a Representative out of the Billings area.

A similar bill sponsored by State Senator Mike Moon has not been withdrawn, despite having nearly identical language.

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  1. They should be because what they have done is MURDERED a human.