Photo courtesy of City of Springfield

Springfield City Council Considering Bill to Regulate “No-Chance” Entertainment Devices Offering Monetary Prizes

Springfield City Council members are considering a bill to regulate entertainment devices offering monetary prizes.

The “no-chance” games are popping up across Springfield and the bill would prohibit their operation due to reported negative impacts on neighborhoods.

Citizens provided nearly an hour-long testimony in reaction to the bill.

The measure will not affect “legitimate” arcades that may offer toys and similar items as prizes, as well as live games that may offer monetary prizes.

A news release from the city of Springfield says examples include games offered for fan entertainment during sporting events, which are not viewed as creating the same negative impacts created by “no-chance” devices.

Mayor Ken McClure says the entertainment devices offering monetary prizes “can result in detrimental impacts to the players of such devices.” “Regulation is necessary for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare of our community” McClure said.