Photo courtesy of City of Springfield

Springfield City Council Votes Unanimously to Ban “No Chance” Games

Springfield City Council on Monday approved a bill banning entertainment devices offering monetary prizes.

The city says “no-chance” games are proliferating in Springfield, and the new ordinance will prohibit their operation due to reported negative impacts on neighborhoods.

The issue was the subject of nearly an hour-long public hearing on January 22nd.

The city, in a news release, says the ordinance does not affect undisturbed legitimate arcades that offer toys and similar items as prizes, as well as live games that may offer monetary prizes, such as games offered for fan entertainment during sporting events.

“Entertainment devices offering monetary prizes can result in detrimental impacts to the players of such devices, including financial hardships and increased reliance on public assistance,” Mayor Ken McClure said.

“This action is necessary for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare of our community,” McClure added.

The vote to ban the games was unanimous.