Photo Courtesy: Springfield Police Department

Springfield Police Investigating False Emergency Call at Kickapoo High School

The Springfield Police Department is investigating where a false emergency originated from that said there were guns at an SPS facility.

Police responded to Kickapoo High School at around 1 p.m. Monday afternoon after the department received a text message that a shooting had occurred.

Officers quickly determined that the text message was a hoax.

Investigators say instances of fake calls and text are becoming more common, and have been referred to as “swatting”.

Similar calls and text messages were also reported to other law enforcement offices in the state and came just hours after the shooting at a Nashville, Tennessee elementary school that killed six.

A statement from Kickapoo High School regarding the incident can be found below:

Dear Kickapoo Staff and Families:

A false emergency call related to Kickapoo High School was received by emergency services today. In response, law enforcement has conducted an investigation onsite and concluded that it is a false alarm. There are many reports across the state and nation of false information being relayed to emergency responders, however it is too early to determine if there is a connection in this matter. That investigation will be ongoing.

We want our families and the community to be assured that everyone is safe at Kickapoo High School. This was a false alarm and we will proceed with our regular schedule.


Dr. Bill Powers