Photo Courtesy of Greene County Sheriff

Trespassing Cases in Greene County Rise

Greene County Sheriff’s Office reports that Sheriff Jim Arnott and several deputies responded to multiple private properties Wednesday that were ‘inundated with trespassers who had set up illegal encampments.’

This is not the first occurrence in recent weeks of encampments such as the ones discovered Wednesday. Photographs show yards littered with stolen property, junk items in disarray, and hypodermic needles.

Photo Courtesy of Greene County Sheriff’s Office
Photo Courtesy of Greene County Sheriff’s Office

Wednesday’s discovery led to the arrest of three individuals for trespassing and outstanding warrants. Each individual was provided with a list of community recourses for food and shelter as well as a taxi voucher to the resource locations.

“Seeing these illegal encampments up close and personal is very disheartening. These individuals have trespassed onto private property and caused a significant amount of property damage to these residences and land. I have to protect these victims and the rights of the land owners.”- Sheriff Jim Arnott