baby bottle with milk on white background. Selective focus.
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Two Women Accused of Stealing Baby Formula in Dade County

Two women in Dade County are in police custody for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars in baby formula from grocery stores in the area.

Investigators say Mihaela Lupean and Nicola Ilie were caught on video surveillance taking cans of formula from stores in Ash Grove, Sarcoxie and Lockwood.

The footage showed one of the woman putting the cans under the dress of the other before exiting the store.

Over 50 cans of formula were stolen from the Lockwood store alone. That’s over $1,500 worth of formula.

Lupean and Ilie were eventually arrested in Carter County for stealing formula at a convenience store in Winana.

A chase took place before the arrest in which officers say cans of formula were thrown at their vehicle.

Both Lupean and Ilie are charged with felony stealing.