Rainbow flag background, commonly known as the gay pride flag or LGBTQ pride flag
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Upcoming LGBTQ+ Festival in Springfield Draws Controversy from Lawmakers

An upcoming festival celebrating the LGBTQ+ community in the area is receiving backlash from local legislators.

The Ozarks Pridefest is scheduled for June 10 on Park Central Square in Springfield, featuring a performance from drag queen Crystal Methyd.

Representative Jamie Gragg of Ozarks says the performance is over sexualized, and not appropriate for children.

Activists and organizers of the event assured residents in a social media post over the weekend that the performance will be family-friendly.

Gragg cited a recent performance in Columbia that drew backlash, and shared a quote from Attorney General Andrew Bailey regarding drag shows.

“Drag shows are inherently sexualized performances. They are an outward expression of a desired sexuality and sexual identity. They are intended to draw attention to human sexuality in a manner that appeals to prurient interests.” said Bailey following the performance in Columbia.

Gragg is asking local lawmakers and officials to reconsider allowing the event.