Photo by Keith Stephenson, Zimmer Radio

Thanks for Helping KWTO Celebrate 90 Years On The Air in Springfield

KWTO took Wake Up Springfield on the road Monday morning with a special 90th anniversary special.

Alex Bryant and Don Louzader broadcast from Travellers House Coffee and Tea at 2151 west Republic Road in Springfield from 5:30-9am.

We were joined in person, or by phone, but the following KWTO voices of the past: Mike Peters, John Sellers, Steve Helms, Brent Dunn, Bonnie Bell, Les Garland, Brian Calfano, John Henderson and Dan Wadlington.

KWTO signed on the air at 560 AM on Christmas Day, 1933.

Also thanks to Peter Golosinski for joining us on site for the weekly Pastor Perspective feature at 8:20 a.m.

Join us on KWTO each day this week at 7:35am and at 5:20pm for our tribute “KWTO: 90 Years of Watching the Ozarks,” as we go into the audio archives for the top voices and moments in station history.