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Willard High School Increases Security after Threatening Message Found in Bathroom

Officials with the Willard School District are increasing security and investigating with Willard Police after a threat was found in a school bathroom.

Investigators say the message was found Wednesday, which mentioned threats of violence against the school district. Local law enforcement and the school resource officer (SRO) then began investigating.

During the school day today, the district has implemented the following safety measures:

  • All SROs will be present at the high school both in the building and at student entrances
  • Willard Police Department will have an additional presence in parking lots at the front and rear entrances
  • No backpacks, bags, purses, etc. will be allowed. If a student needs to return devices or books, they are asked to carry them in.
  • Additional exterior door checks will be completed to ensure security
  • Doors will be locked and checked at the beginning of each hour
  • Supervision in hallways, locker rooms, etc. (as normal)
  • SRO presence for dismissal