Police line yellow tape crime scene
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Woman from Aurora Charged in Crash that Killed 4 Motorcyclists

A woman from Aurora is in custody facing numerous charges in connection with a multi-vehicle crash that killed four motorcyclists.

Prosecutors say 51-year-old Theresa Manetzke has been charged with DWI resulting in the deaths of two or more people.

Investigators say Manetzke was driving along Highway 39 near Aurora Saturday morning when she crossed the center line.

Travelling in the opposite direction were 10 motorcyclists. Manetzke drove through the crowd of motorcycles, hitting five of them.

Several motorcyclists were seriously injured and transported to the hospital while four victims were pronounced dead.

The victims, all from Aurora, were:

  • A 17-year-old girl
  • 28-year-old Kameron Hale
  • 59-year-old James Olmstead
  • 61-year-old Linda Anderson

Manetzke told police she had taken several anti-psychotic medications earlier in the morning. A field sobriety test concluded she was drug impaired at the time of the crash.