Police handcuffs lie on the tax form 1040
Photo Courtesy of Envato Elements

Greene County Collector’s Warn of Potential Tax Scam

In a release Monday, the Greene County Collectors Office wants to make residents aware of a tax scam being sent via mail.

According to the release, the scam has been found in residents mailboxes that is made to look like a county tax receipt or tax document from the state of Missouri.

Officials believe the scam is attempting to collect names, phone numbers, addresses and ages of senior citizens to then sell.

The Collector’s Office wants citizens to know that if you receive this paper, it is not from their office. A form similar to this is only sent out on the back of yearly tax statements, according to the news release.

A photo of the potential scam form can be found below. If you receive a similar paper, or would like to verify if the form, or one like it, is authentic, contact 417-868-4036.